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Mountain Ridge

Food Trailer & Pantry

Mercy Street Grill is a mobile soup kitchen providing good quality meals and some basic needs items to people who are struggling in greater the Lansing area. The grill is a self-sustaining food trailer serving up good eats at local Lansing spaces to raise funds so that it can therefore be a mobile kitchen bringing healthy, no-cost meals to people who need it. Click below for the big picture and to follow our adventures.


Missional Communities

A favorite author puts it best:


“We dreamed of a church that wouldn’t need huge amounts of money, or rhetoric, or control, or manipulation. A church that was nonreligious at heart, thrilled people, and made them full of sheer joy. A church that lives The Message... An extended family - unorganized, relational, and informal."

—Wolfgang Simson

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Pastor's Blog

Dr. Brandon Hempel, DMin, BCC


 When we write, we tell a story. The story engages us with life together and helps us to see God's Story happening all around us. Story ignites a light in our heart, showing a path before us and connecting us together. Pastor Brandon is the main contributor, but from time to time, others from HGM will write as well. To God be the Glory, not to us. May His Story shine through. 



Welcome to Mercy Street Ministries!

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