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Proverbs 3:27...

"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it is in your power to help them."

A food trailer, ministry?

It's a food trailer.... It's a mobile soup kitchen... It's a discipleship tool..

Pastor Brandon has had a God-sized dream for a long time, a dream for a mobile food venue that combines good food with church and Christian fellowship. What seemed like a fantasy, became reality as God made it come true by providing the trailer and resources to make it all happen. Mercy Street is a fully functioning non-profit, Christian centered business that is more than just a food trailer, it is a ministry to people, and the food trailer is a major discipleship tool in it all. Here are our three main goals:

1. Sell great food at events, rallies, city locations, and more so that we have income to use for "soup kitchen" activity. Sure, people are welcome to donate to the ministry however, we want the ministry to be self-sustaining as well. We are blessed by God to have this wonderful food trailer, and so we want to be the best stewards of it that we can be.

2. As a mobile soup kitchen, we feel called to help feed the Greater Lansing area(s) with healthy, no-cost meals for those who need it. Homeless, working poor, down on your luck, or just having a tight month... we want to be there for you with a meal and our Christian friendship. The bible verse above from Proverbs is very convicting to us as God has clearly given us the power and means to help others and so that, we shall do! 

3. We are a Christian based non-profit ministry and in that, we want to connect people in genuine Christian fellowship. No, this is not slapping a sticker on a bottle of water and advertising any "church" service or program. This IS church. At the food trailer, the meal is there for those who need, but more importantly, you will find people who will not judge you, not expect anything from you, will not expect you to be anything... but will love you, pray for you, and welcome you into friendship. Jesus Christ did so much of his ministry around food that it shouldn't be any different today. At Mercy Street Grill, we want to be known for feeding Lansing physically and spiritually.

How YOU can help:

Would you like to help Mercy Street? We are continually receiving donations to help fund our efforts to give no-cost meals and basic needs to people in need of it. Your gifts will directly help the operation of the food trailer and pay for the meals and supplies given to those in need. Thank you for helping us help others in need!!!!


Please use this donation button and follow the prompts....

IMPORTANT!!!--please include your full name and

mailing address in the notes section when checking out

so we can send you a giving receipt during tax season.


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