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Power Brings Responsibility

When God blesses you with the ability for Kingdom work, we need to be ready to work! One day, several of my God-dreams came together in a beautiful answer to prayer. The first dream: I've always had a crazy fantasy for being a chef and providing wonderful meals to people but could not ever see a clear way for me to combine it with ministry that was personally satisfying. The second dream: to provide a wine skin of the church for people to find God and not have to attend a traditional church building/service/programing. The third dream: to be in relationship with people like Jesus was in everyday life, building friendships, and discipling them in a relationship with God through Christ. Well, with the surprise-gift of a food trailer, (which many of you already know about) the "wishing" came to and end as God said to me, "Okay, here you go kiddo. Now its up to you!"


"Proverbs 3:27

"Don’t withhold good from those who deserve it when it is in your power to help them."


God answers prayer, always... Some might want to argue that with me but I'm telling you now what my return argument will be: Stop boxing God in with the only answer you want to hear from Him and rather, be open to whatever He says. There are no people with unanswered prayer, just people upset they didn't get the answer THEY wanted. Years ago I couldn’t piece it all together in my head but when I stopped trying to figure it out, I was able to begin seeing what God was up to. You see, following God is not about following ourselves, it's about following God and remaining eyes-wide-open to what He is doing. Once you take down the blinders of "your will", you will see His.


It has been a slow process as I still work full time in multiple jobs, but I am moving forward in the dreams God gave me with the power and opportunity He has given me to do it. Mercy Street Grill Ministries encompasses all of my God-dreams and now its time to go! He gave me the opportunity to cook for people, to GO be where they are, and to disciple them in His Son Christ. Its all wrapped up in the food trailer and with that, the verse from Proverbs hit me like a ton of bricks: "Brandon, you now have the power to help people with those dreams I gave you, do not withhold it but go! Move forward!"


I believe God gives every person the opportunity to live their God-dreams out, for our God-dreams are no accident or coincidence… they are from Him. Take down the blinders, be excited for what God is calling you to do, and be patient while you sit back and watch Him. In His time, He will bring it all together and give you the power/means/opportunities to live it out. Be Patient. We make following God so difficult when its really rather easy! Sit back, watch, listen, see, and then go!



Mercy Street Grill will be opening in May of this year with a fundraising event and a catering event. Stay tuned for dates, times, and details!


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